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Orientation of REFA

The REFA Association is considered to be Germany’s leading organisation in work design, industrial organisation and company development. The association has transferred know-how since its foundation in 1924: for a long time through further education, for the past few years increasingly also through consulting and coaching. With its continuously further developed core competences REFA contributes to optimising the competitiveness of the economy as well as the working conditions of workers and employees.

Organisation of REFA

Organisation of REFA

In Germany the umbrella organisation, the REFA Federal Association, consists of 10 regional associations which are subdivided into approximately 90 local associations. Worldwide REFA is represented in numerous countries through international cooperation partners.

A great number of experts from research, science, industry, administration, business associations and -institutions also count to the organisation of the association. This extensive network of cooperation partners enables REFA to ensure a fully sustainable know-how transfer.

For decades REFA has also cooperated with Committees of Experts and Branches – at present, there are over 20 different committees in Germany. Being so close to practice enables REFA to respond to customer demands to the point and foreseeing - and to offer customer-oriented methods, training seminars and con-sulting services.

REFA areas of activity: further education and consulting

REFA Areas of Activity

The two core competences, further education and consulting, deal practically with all issues of the value added chain of a company. They cover all areas of business organisation for industry, administration and health management.

REFA seminars are designed, systemized and further developed in cooperation with practitioners as well as representatives of science and tariff parties. Trainers need to complete a special train-the-trainer programme before they can hold a seminar. The further education offer includes seminars and complete training programmes for skilled personnel and management staff.

REFA consulting is partially used to complement further education measures / coaching to ensure the practical application of the training seminar contents. The actual consulting of REFA focuses on organisation- and process optimising. Depending on the situation the meas-ures are carried out in small and large-scale projects. 

With a consultants’ team of approx. 150 experts in Germany, REFA can also take on complex tasks and handle them with success orientation. For extraordinary orders (with regards to topic, complexity and degree of specialisation) the required capacities can also be obtained from our international network on short-notice.

Experience has shown that our further education- and consulting offer appeals to small and medium-sized companies as well as to large companies and multinationals.

REFA Blog - News zu REFA und Industrial Engineering


Aufladen ohne Stecker

Von Eckhard Eyer

Gerade in Industrie und Dienstleistung 4.0 werden von den Mitarbeitern eine hohe Einsatzbereitschaft und ständige Erreichbarkeit gefordert. Aber es gibt Grenzen: Der Stecker muss gezogen werden, damit der Mensch abschalten und seine Batterien wieder neu aufladen kann

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Gestaltung von Montageassistenzsystemen

Von Sven Hinrichsen, Daniel Riedinger und Alexander Unrau

Bei der Konfiguration von Assistenzsystemen ist eine Reihe von Gestaltungshinweisen zu beachten. Die Autoren beschreiben auf Basis ihrer Projekterfahrungen, wie eine erfolgreiche Konfiguration und Einführung in der betrieblichen Praxis gelingt.

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